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High-Powered Sewer Cleaning & Lasting Sewer Replacement

From jet-cleaning main lines up to 8" in diameter to video inspection of some drains as small as 2", we are equipped to tackle just about any job of this nature. WILLIAMS SEWER & DRAIN, INC of Thomson, Georgia, provides sewer cleaning for industrial plants in or near the CSRA and commercial sewer replacement.

Major Replacement Job 

One of our projects involved replacing the main sewers at Thomson Manor Nursing Home. The task posed several obstacles as the sewer went through the parking lot of a doctor’s office and pharmacy. In addition, we could not stop the flow of sewage due to 150 patients in the nursing home. This is the type of challenge we do not shy away from, we just engineer the best manner of completing the work.

In addition to working around flowing sewage and parking lot traffic, we also helped McDuffie Medical Associates’ patients get to the doctor’s office, since normal means of parking was unavailable. Our management was very proud of all the employees for hanging in there to finish this job with lots of pressure to lay and connect the pipes so the nursing home could stay in operation. The first day took 18-hours of labor from each man to reach a point where it was safe to leave.

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